Quad-Energy Healing  


Welcome to A Beautiful Soul, which you are.

This is a free Quantum Energy Healing of: a Spiritual Rebooting Energy, a Quantum Repair Energy, an Ether Protection Energy, and an Exorcism Energy.

This is a free professional healing energy session.  My sessions are free. I did charge at one time, however, it no longer resonates with me to do so anymore.

The Spiritual Rebooting Energy will  mend, balance, and reset your frequencies, through Quantum Mechanics, from your whole Energetic Being (listed below) of :

42  (+)Maximal Chakras,

38 (-)Eureka Chakras,

23 Locus Chakras,

23 Locus Chakra Points,

23 Cather Chakras,

23 Cather Chakra Points,

22 Dihedral Points,

332 Tetrahedral Points,

432 Octahedral Points,

532 Icosahedral Points,

632 Coxetra-Dynkin Points,

Anterior Trigger Points (Acupuncture System),

Posterior Trigger Points (Acupuncture System),

Qi Meridians (Dental Acupuncture System),

8 Spectacle Meridians (Acupuncture System),

12 Temporal Meridians (Acupuncture System),

Holon (spirit),

Ether Logos Matrix (Soul also known as The Ego),
Crystalline Matrix (Aura),
93 Spheres of Eureka's Cube or Metatron's Cube (Energy Field),
93 Spheres Ether-Self Level (Ego-Self, Inner-Child, I AM-Self,...total of 93),

13 Spheres of Ether Cage (Galactic Heart),

576,380 Elastodynamic waves of Polytechnic Matrix,

1407 Kinematic Chains of Copernican Heliocentrism Matrix,

123 Lagrangian Points of Atomic Spectroscopy Matrix,

525 Maxwell Lineage Structures of Exoniensis Matrix,

3591 Celestia Spheres of Emic Token Matrix,

433 Interdigital Piezoelectric Transduction System of Wu Xing Matrix, 

17,563,475 Coiled RLC Circuits on Angular Frequency W of Miai Matrix,

17,563,474 Coiled RLC Circuits on Angular Frequency V with Angular Wave Number K of Gala Matrix,

All Hormones,

Minor Misalignment from:




Connective Tissue,

Some inflammation,

And mend broken hearts, torn Souls, and split spirits.

The Quantum Repair Energy will start to repair the damaged structures of the cellular grid and will do mind mapping. 

The Ether Protection Energy will wrap you in a bio-magnetic shield and prevent further  attacks and from Quantum Energy getting trapped in your Energetic Being. 

The Exorcism Energy: will release all ether quasiparticles of the Principality of Powers. What is listed below is the names of their title or ranking, per say, and not their actual independent name.

Principality of Powers of: 

Principality Sheol Energy (known as Shadow Angels),
Principality Essence Energies (known as Shade Angels),
Principality Seraphs Energies (known as Demons),
Principality Ether Energies (known as Entities),
Principality Flat Line Energies (known as Pans),
Principality Maximal Energies (known as Eurasian),

Principality of Cautionary (known as Keepers or Dark Horses),

Principality of Requiem (know as Gate Keepers),

Principality of Ectoplasm (known as Dark Casters), 

Energy Vampires,

All levels of Degrees Of Curses (including Inherited and generational-when these are released, they release off the whole bloodline all the way back to the beginning of the bloodline including: your children, your siblings, and their children).

The Exorcism Energy will also remove the trapped Quantum Energies of:

Trapped Emotions, 

Innate Emotions (including Intrinsic and Extrinsic),

Pernicious Influence Energies,
Resonance Energy,
Flat Line Objects,
Bad Karma,
Mental Energies,

Crystallized Patterns,


Offensive Energies,
Post-traumatic Energies,



Death Activation,

All Devices,

All Containment Unit, 











Seals including the 14 JSeals,

Instrumental Efficacy,



Adlerian Approaches,

Time Keeping,






Stereographic Projection,

Sleep Paralysis,

Sleep Coma,

Irrational False Evidence Appearing Real,


Cautionary Messages,


Transitive Snubbing,

Hierarchical Multiple Regression,


Black/White/Red/Gray/Pink Magic,





Regla de Ocha,

Regla Lucumi de las Orichas,







Your spirit will let you know what it wants you to know, that way it keeps it personal and private to you. So I would prefer not to write the report, known as a Reading, as it takes me a while to translate it into English (I see it in a computer program like code). And since I am sending out over 1000 custom made Healing Energy a week, translating the Reading for your eyes to see and read, takes away from me healing others and from my family. Sometimes I will offer a Reading, but it will be on my time, so please do not ask me for one.

This new energy method that I created on June 14, 2016, is called Tyler'sFreedomMethod. It combines: Ty'sFreedomMethod, Wendie'sFreedomMethod, N.T'sFreedomMethod, JMStrain, JDanielTStrain, and YoungBloodStrain. It is four totally different energies that come in together then separate and do four totally different healings, all at the same time while using 6 different methods to mend, fix, balance, and reset the whole Energetic being. It is truly ground breaking work. It's the newest and the most advanced method of receiving Healing Energy. The FreedomMethod and Strains were named after the beautiful Souls whom inspired them.  I do not channel or draw this energy from anywhere! I make through Quantum Mechanics.  It's custom made and tailored for each person, by matching your frequency and your pitch.

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You really are a beautiful soul. Know it and Believe it.

May Peace, Forgiveness, Love, and all your Blessing fall upon you and your whole family.

With much Love and Light and with Gratitude,